Blessed to be a Blessing

Consulting Services

Leadership Development and Leader Coaching

  • Individual Coaching
    • Maybe you are a young leader looking for direction or a seasoned leader looking to refocus your efforts. I can help you understand yourself, your organizational context, and ways to grow personally and professionally. Understand yourself, set new goals, make a plan and step up to the next level.
  • Group or Staff coaching
    • Understanding your team and how to best work together can give you a clearer sense of purpose and direction as a group. I can help you understand yourselves and each other to keep a group of diverse professionals moving in the same direction together.

Organization Development and Realignment

  • Values Discernment
    • Need help discovering the uniqueness of your organization and what that looks like in your specific context? I can help you discover and understand what makes your group unique to capitalize on your strengths.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Have an idea of where to go but not how to get there? I can help you put your organizational vision into an actionable, measurable plan to move your group forward.
  • Organizational Alignment and Resource Managment
    • Lacking direction or do you simply have too many irons in the fire? I can help you understand and implement a strategy to best utilize limited people, resources, and time to increase effectiveness.

Analytics and Data Projections

  • SWOT Analysis and other organizational tools can help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. I can help you design a comprehensive study of your organization or group to make informed decisions.


Feel free to contact me for any of the above services or related consulting projects.